Nick Erras, Partner

Nick Erras resides in the Amelia area with his wife and 4 children and has been an East-side Cincinnati resident for the majority of his life.  Nick enjoys spending quality time with his family whether it be through watching sports, traveling for their hi-level sports, camping or just simply teaching the facts of life.  Nick’s extensive “behind the scenes” experience within the Medicare Realm is what sets him apart from the standard knowledge base.   He has endured multiple different facets of Medicare within the past 20 years.

“My children and family are my legacy and I like to use that same perspective when building relationships with Medicare clients.”  Let us show you what sets the In Group apart by allowing us to be your educator and guide while you journey through the Medicare adventure!”

Contact Nick Erras and The In Group for assistance with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

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Nick Erras - In Group Insurance of Cincinnati, OH
Nick Erras - In Group Insurance and Medicare Agent / Partner